Rainy Season: 7 Struggles Every Hustler Experience

Rainy Season- struggles every hustler experience- gechy's blog

Rainy season in Nigeria comes with its good bad and ugly moments. Every hustler (workers, traders, businessmen, and women) can relate to the daily struggles and frustrations experienced in rainy days.

During the rainy season, nothing feels better than waking up to the sound of the rain or sipping hot tea/coffee while covered under your cozy blanket- Wait! did your morning alarm just remind you that you need to prepare for work? Ouch!

A little throwback…

I remember a few months back when we experienced a serious heatwave that posed a threat to our lives. Living in congested areas like Lagos was just the worst places one could be in at that period, especially when trapped in heavy traffic.

Sachet water and table water were some of the most patronized products in the market. It was a terrible moment, especially for workers and business persons whose workplaces were far from home

But being Nigerians that we are we found ways to manage the situation even though it wasn’t easy. There were various health and environmental tips on how we should cope during the long dry and hot season while patiently waiting for the flood gates of heaven to open.

Moving on– we are currently at the peak of the rainy season and trust me the real struggle is not finding it difficult to leave your bed. It starts the moment you leave your house. Although for many states it can be quite easy to cope during this season, for congested cites or places like Lagos just get ready for the worst.

This is unfortunately what we all experience every year. From impatiently waiting at the bus stop with a large crowd to spending long hours on the road trapped in traffic, here are the struggles every hustler experience during the rainy season. 

Getting to your destination becomes 10 times frustrating

Long traffic on a rainy day in Nigeria- gechy's blog
Long traffic on a rainy day
Photo source: Getty images

On a normal day commuting in our country can be frustrating especially in hustling and bustling cities.

Waiting for long hours at the bus stop, struggling to get a seat inside the bus, paying ridiculous high bus and bike fares without a choice are some of the daily struggles hustlers go through on a normal day. When it starts pouring down they become amplified.

You also spend long hours in traffic and could likely get to work late. Rainy days have ways of dwindling your energy and patience by the second.

You get to work looking messed up in the rainy season

Struggles getting to the workplace during the rainy season
Struggles getting to the workplace on a rainy day

If you are caught in the rain on your way to work then you might get there looking messed up.

From dipping your footwear in dirt and mud to getting drenched in the rain, you might end up looking funny when you get to work, especially when you commute with public transportation.

It can be infuriating and scary wading through a flood or entering a porthole if you live or work in an area with poor drainage system and bad roads.

Bad hair and bleeding makeup day 

Bad hair day and ruined makeup in the rain
Bad hair day and ruined makeup in the rain
Photo source: makeupandbeauty.com

It also can be both annoying and embarrassing after putting so much effort to styling your hair and making up only for them to get ruined in the rain- Common hassles experienced among working-class and businesswomen.

You will have no choice other than to get to work with damp hair strands and melting makeup looking like a raccoon. 

The wahala with carrying an umbrella during the rainy season

People protecting themselves from getting drenched in the rain- gechy's blog
People protecting themselves from getting drenched

I’m seriously on this table and i know that I’m not alone on it.

But the burden of going out with an umbrella ehn…

Many people have different stories to tell about misplacing or forgetting their umbrellas. Some are lucky to retrieve theirs, while others only succeed in making someone else’s rainy day.

How annoying it is after deciding to go out with your umbrella you then realized halfway to your destination that you didn’t take it along with you.

Did i also mention the feeling of being on a battlefield when you move around and your umbrella collides with everyone else’s?

But do you even have a choice when the umbrella is your designated best friend in the rainy season?

The feeling of missing your bed 

The feeling that comes with the cold weather constantly reminds you of the comfort of your bed. But money has to be made come rain come shine.

You are susceptible to falling ill in the rainy season

Man affected with flu- rainy season diseases
Man affected with flu
Photo Source: Depositphotos

Rainy season comes with its fair share of communicable and non-communicable diseases. Malaria, cholera, typhoid, cold and flu are some of the common diseases during this season.

Hustlers are not immune to any these illnesses.

Someone reminds you that you are closer to getting a car

Have you ever been splashed dirty water by insensitive drivers before?

How did you feel afterward?

Many people have experienced this before- at bus stops while walking etc. Good for you if the water splashed at you isn’t dirty.

Is there anything I missed? Let me know at the comment section below.

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