First 3 Things a Lady Notices in a Guy Immediately

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Have you ever heard of the saying that men look but women see? Believe it or not, a lady notices both the simple and intricate details in a guy.

You don’t need to have a charming face and a killer model figure. You also don’t need to be filthy rich, become a celebrity or transform into another person entirely to get her interested.

Here is the thing you may not know…

You simply have to create the opportunity with a positive first impression.

First impressions indeed matter because whatever she sees or observes may lead to assumptions of your kind of guy.

If you are waiting for an opportunity to talk to her and prove yourself, you probably might not get that chance, especially when your physical looks is nothing to talk about.

Have you ever wondered why the so-called bad guys (players), irrespective of their financial status, get a lot of first-time attention from the female folks?

If you can learn these things and work toward developing yourself, you will be on your way to getting lots of attention from the ladies.

I asked a question about this topic in a Facebook group and the answers I got showed that ladies, even in our differences and preferences, notice certain common things in guys.

I will be sharing some of their replies here so read on to find out.

First 3 things a lady notices in a guy immediately

I broke down this topic into three major categories namely:

• Appearance
• Personality
• Mannerisms

She Checks Out Your Appearance

From a distance, a lady notices the superficial things in a guy- his appearance. These could determine whether they would want to allow a conversation, go forward with you or snub you.

Paying less attention to your body and looking unkempt is a NO as one could take you for a dirty person.

While they are differences in what ladies physically notice in guys from a distance or at close range, here are the common ones.

How well you groom yourself

If you pay less attention to yourself, trust me, we will notice. The body areas ladies tend to notice first are your hair, face, and skin, as well as nails.

First three (3) things a lady notices in a guy- His appearance
Lady captivated by her guy’s looks


Every guy has his own preference when it comes to haircut and beards.

While some guys take time to keep their hair in good condition and invest in good hair products, others neglect the importance of keeping theirs tidy and clean.

Whether you are cool with dreads, funky haircuts or bald head, it’s essential that you take proper care of your hair.

Are you rocking a beard (#beardgang)? It goes beyond just growing beards…

Guy tip:

• Keeping beards and mustaches is not a must but if you crave to show machismo, then you have to groom them the right way.
• Trim regularly and invest in quality beards products (oil, balm, softeners, etc.) to give it a shiny, soft and healthy look.
• Take out excess hairs from certain areas of your body, e.g. nostrils, eyebrows, etc.

Nails and Hands

For health reasons, most ladies prefer guys with well-trimmed clean fingernails.

Like i mentioned earlier in this blog post, a lady notices both the simple and intricate details in a guy and the nails/hands are not excluded.

Pay attention to your hands as well, especially for those with dry and cracked skin. It is as a result of little or no natural oil (to make your hands soft and supple). So from time to time, apply moisturizer or hand lotion.


As you get closer to her she is likely to notice other things such as your smile.

While you may want to captivate her with a charming smile, it can be a BIG turnoff to notice food particles hanging between your teeth, stains on your teeth or teeth discoloration.

Guy tip:

• Avoid foods/drinks that can discolor your teeth.
• Remove food particles from your teeth/gum.
• For a more serious dental condition/bad dentition, try and see a dentist.


Everyone values the free and fresh air God has given us and will avoid anything that pollutes it, that includes body and mouth odor.

If you don’t want to send someone’s daughter to her early grave, then pay attention to your body. You can nail every other thing but bad breath and body odor is a major turn off for ladies.

Guy tip:

• Bath and brush regularly, invest in some nice deodorants and perfumes.


I’m very particular about this one, just like smell because fresh skin is a good indicator of health. The way ladies with clean and clear skin appeal to you is the same way we are attracted to guys with such skin.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and it is not difficult for ladies to determine how clean you are by just a mere look at your skin appearance.

Guy tip:

• Bath regularly
• Drink adequate water
• Invest in good skin care products according to your skin type and sensitivity.

Your wardrobe and style details

Every guy has got his own style and it’s cool. You don’t have to be a celebrity to make a good impression with your style. Ladies can assume whether or not you have a good dress sense from what you wear when you first meet.


Men Style

Are you a corporate wear lover or a casual type?

Is the crazy and loud outfit your thing?

Whichever one you enjoy rocking, keep the following in mind:

• Your clothes should fit properly (not too tight or loose; not too short or long)
• Dress for the right occasion
• Invest in quality fabric
• Wear clean and ironed clothes
• Removed any old and worn out clothes from your wardrobe.
• Dress your age


Whichever hairstyle you choose to keep, it should fit the structure of your face.


If you wear eyeglasses, whether it’s recommended or ‘shakomended’ (fashion), use the one that suits the shape of your face.


You don’t have to buy a piece of very expensive jewelry to impress any girl. Wear what you can afford and in the appropriate way. 


Do you know women observe the kind of shoes you wear?

Guy Tip:

• Invest in quality shoes.
• It should suit your outfit.
• Don’t also walk around with dirty shoes.

Your body shape

You don’t need to be Peter Okoye, Bryan Okwara or Flavour to get a lady’s attention. (Even though their bodies can cause goosebumps in ladies, OMG!).

A lady notices how well you keep your body shape in check.

Although people say potbelly is a sign of wealth lol, it certainly isn’t a sign of healthy living. While looking fit is attractive, it has its many health benefits.

Guy tip:

• Eat healthy meals, and work out every now and then.

A Lady Notices Your Personality

Your personality is what makes you!

A Confident Guy

What makes a lady go gaga over you might push another away. Apart from your appearance, a lady notices your personality. She wants to know whether or not she can get along with your kind of person.

Generally, ladies are attracted to guys who are confident, not arrogant and those with a good sense of humor.

She Observes Your Mannerisms

Mannerisms basically have to do with your body language- The way you behave, the use of speech, or facial expressions.

First three (3) things a lady notices in a guy- Mannerisms (greeting, body language)
Man complimenting and appreciating his lady


You could get her to talk to you with your greeting or ruin every chance you might have with her. As I mentioned earlier, first impressions matter.

Coming on too strong or aggressive could scare her off just as being rude could cause her to hurl insults at you.

Guy Tips:

• Genuinely compliment her, offer a handshake, smile and make eye contact.


When you approach a lady and she gives you a listening ear, she wants to hear what you have to say. As you speak, she will notice:

• The tone of your voice and how relaxed it is.
• Your accent
• Your vocabulary

If you are a very engaging speaker, then you will have her flowing with you throughout your conversation. It all boils down to developing yourself which involves expanding your vocabulary and knowledge.

Body Movements

According to a popular saying, “actions speak louder than words”. An engaging conversation (verbal communication) can be fun; however, you have to be cautious of your body movements (non-verbal communication).

• Avoid fidgeting or using gestures that are distracting. She may get a wrong impression of you.
• Avoid clenching your fist in front of a lady (as if you are about to throw a punch). It actually looks intimidating.


Many guys don’t take notice of their posture- the way they stand, walk, and sit. Ladies can sense how confident and in control you are with a good posture.

It’s really not appealing to see a good-looking guy slouching or walking like he has a boil between his legs. Always keep your posture in check.

So you know, we don’t expect you to be perfect or pretend to be someone else.

A lady notices these things because we are often judged by them. Guys, in general, look out for ladies who put efforts into being their best physically, psychologically and character wise.

If you haven’t really paid attention to yourself the way you should, here is an opportunity to make a great impression.

All you need to do is to develop yourself!

Finally! Remember i stated earlier that i was going to share some of the Facebook replies i got from the ladies concerning this topic.

Here they are:

First things a lady notices in a guy immediately

Did I leave out something? What are the other things a lady notices in a guy immediately?

I’d like to hear from you in the comment section below!

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  1. wow, thanks for the tips, i have learnt a lot. But sincerely speaking in this our present generation most girls dont really follow all this ethics in accessing a man, Majority of them just want to know what u can offer in terms of monetary aspect. Peradventure a guy exhibit all the aforementioned on first meeting, the long run will tell if the friendship will worth it cause most guys look good to impress.

    1. Well, you are right. A lady can actually pretend to love you because of your money… She actually notices these things. A lady will decide if she wants to overlook them and give you a listening ear or completely ignore you.
      Thanks for sharing, Henry

  2. Wow. All these are just outer attributes. I feel it more than all these a lady should take note of. I can actually fake all these points just to have her. If you notice he has a good heart but doesn’t have the necessary conditions you need, you can work on him but you can’t work on one to have a good heart. Like me for example, my dressing sense was bad. She will say don’t come see me dressed like ds again. I will always call her then to ask her what to put on and indeed it helped. So not all good guys might possess all at once but with your assistance you can transform him.

    1. Hi dear, well said.
      Like the topic- First things a lady notices in a guy immediately… I’m referring to some random guy who walks into a room… A new guy trying to get a lady’s attention…
      The above mentioned are some of the things she will observe… First impression matters remember!
      In your case, your girl accepted you the way you are and is already used to you. So she can help you improve your dress sense.
      We notice these things in men even if many ladies don’t tell you. But they will definitely tell their girlfriends. Whether or not a lady gives a guy a listening ear depends on the lady.
      In all, it boils down to developing yourself…
      You can’t be perfect but if you are 50% okay, Many ladies will work with that…

  3. Wow. Thanks for the tips. Certainly spot on. But then again, we might just run into that attractive lady while we are on a mission that doesn’t exactly warrant dressing properly(so to say) …so should we just shoot or leave it for next time… That’s if there will be a next time

  4. for me ehh your appearance matters a lot,dressing,teeth and the manner you speak.
    Oh my God !!! I forgot the beard part…..I love beards especially when its trimmed and shiny…it makes me turningonmyown

  5. I’ve looking on on the net greater than 3 hours right away, to date I never seen any interesting write-up
    prefer the ones you have. It’s reasonably price plenty of for me.

    For me personally, whenever almost all webmasters not to mention blog owners constructed superior subject
    matter just like you have, the online market place are going to be a lot more handy than before.

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