13 Chic Types Of Palazzo Pants To Add To Your Wardrobe

Types Of Palazzo Pants To Add To Your Wardrobe

Do you know the various types of palazzo pants you can add to your wardrobe?

Did you know that palazzo pants were a popular fashion trend in the 1960s and 1970s?

Yes! Your mum probably wore a palazzo trouser during her “sisi” stage of life.

Many women back then invested in palazzos because of how comfortable they were.

And yes! Palazzos are back in full force and it looks like these pants have come to stay for a long time.

The beautiful thing about these wide-leg trousers is that they are comfortable; they are loose, light, and flowing. You can say that they are simply a perfect alternative to skirts.

The name “palazzo” has an Italian origin, and it refers to a Palace (Palatium). Palaces, as we know, are large and spacious buildings, usually with narrow tops and broad bases.

Palazzo pants are long and wide-leg trousers that flare out right from the waist, all the way down to the ankle. Just like the spacious feature of palaces, palazzo pants are roomier and provide more comfort than regular trousers.

So how did these palazzo pants even come into existence? You might probably wonder…

A Look into the History of Palazzo Pants Invention

Let’s go back to the history of how this trendy wear was created…

In the 1930s, palazzo pants made its first appearance, and some famous actresses rocked it.

A popular designer, Coco Chanel was inspired by the trousers of some elegant men, while on a trip to Venice. She identified these trousers as a design that could be re-invented for women after which she created and tried out the designs herself.

She invented the palazzo trousers with the intention that it would be a modern, bold and comfortable alternative to dresses and skirts that will attractively flatter a woman’s shape.

Chanel created the palazzo pants and launched her new look in Deauville’s high-fashion French resort and on the beach. With a Breton top, simple blouses and pearls, the event was a huge success and indeed an icon in the fashion industry was born.

The Present Day Palazzo Pants

You might probably not have heard about palazzo trousers until a few years ago when it made a major comeback in the fashion industry.

At the beginning of the 21st century, these chic wide-leg pants went out of fashion but it’s presently a new fashion trend as almost all clothing brands offer a line of stunning wide-leg trousers.

Different Types of Palazzo Pants

If you are looking for something stylish, versatile, and comfortable that can also complement your body shape, then you can never go wrong with palazzos.

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From monochrome jacquard to psychedelics, you will find various
prints and shades of loose wide-leg trousers in clothing stores.
You have the opportunity to select the design that appeal to you as there are different types of palazzo pants.

You will definitely find several beautiful loose flare pants. For this reason, it can be overwhelming when making a selection.

But not to worry, I’ve compiled below the various types of palazzo pants that you should consider adding to your wardrobe.

13 Chic Types of Palazzo Pants

1. Straight Palazzo Pants

Also called Regular or Straight-cut palazzo pants, you can easily find these palazzos in the market as they are the most common types. Just as its name sounds, Straight-cut palazzos have less flare, and it complements everyone (tall and short women, fat and slim women).

Available in viscose, cotton, and linen fabrics, you can wear Regular palazzos for daily or casual outings.

Types of Palazzo Pants- Straight Palazzo Pant-gechysblog.com
Straight Palazzo Pant

2. Formal Palazzo Pants

From its name, you will know that formal palazzos are ideal for a smart office look. These types of palazzo pants give a more sophisticated and interesting look than regular suit trousers. You can find it in rayon and cotton fabrics.

Formal palazzo pant
Formal Palazzo Pant

3. Bootcut Palazzos

This pant design has a different look from the regular palazzos as it is more of bootcut at the bottom than flare. They are another type of comfortable and stylish trousers that are suitable for everyone. Made from cotton or polyester fabric, you can wear them to school, and formal occasions.

Bootcut Palazzo Pant
Bootcut Palazzo Pant

4. Pleated Palazzo Pants

Unlike the straight-cut palazzos, pleated pants have a wider flare and look like a skirt due to the pleats that are structured on the entire pant. Pleated palazzo pants give an elegant and confident look, especially when combined with an appropriate top and accessories.

You can wear these types of palazzo pants to a formal or semi-formal occasion. They are mostly available in crepe, polyester, and georgette.

pleated palazzo pant
Pleated Palazzo Pant Source; https://www.forever21.com

5. Belt Palazzo Trousers

These pant designs are characterized by belts on their waistline. Belt palazzos are really fashionable and could be worn as a casual outfit with the right tops. You can find them in cotton or kalamkari fabric.

Types of Palazzo Pants-Belt Palazzo Pants-gechysblog.com
Belt Palazzo Pants

6. Denim Palazzo Pants

These denim fabric designs provide comfort while giving you a chic look. A great choice for casual outings and hangouts, denim palazzos can be styled with plain shirts and tops.

Denim Palazzo Pant
Denim Palazzo Pants Source: https://www.eshakti.com

7. Slited Wide-leg Trousers

Slited palazzos come in different designs- front slit palazzo trousers, side-slit, and high-slit palazzos. It gives you the opportunity to flaunt those hot toned legs.

These chic pants are available in chiffon, crepe, viscose, and rayon fabrics. Slited palazzo trousers are suitable for parties, hangouts or gathering. You can also find some side slits in cotton or polyester, making them suitable business-casual outfits.

Slit Palazzo pants-types of palazzo pants-gechysblog.com
Slit Palazzo Pants

8. Flared Palazzo Trousers

Flared palazzo trousers are regular designs in the country and are characterized by its loose, breezy and extremely wide cuts. These pants have a way of giving your look that spark of confidence with its amazing style game.

9. Wrap Palazzos

These palazzo trousers are designed in two basic ways- you can either get the one that is wrapped on the sides or in the front. If you are looking to wear a pant with an extra touch or design, then the wrap palazzo is an ideal choice. You can find them mostly in rayon, georgette, and cotton fabrics.

Wrap Palazzo Pants-types of palazzo pants-gechysblog.com
Wrap Palazzo Pants

10. Skirt Look Wide-Leg Pants

For this type of palazzo pants, you will have to look closely to realize that it’s not a skirt. The skirt look palazzos are designed to have more flare than typical pants which gives it that skirt-like appearance. This comfortable wide-leg trouser is a perfect alternative to skirts.

Skirt Look Palazzo Pants
Skirt Look Palazzo Pants

11. Layered Palazzo Pants

Making a bold fashion statement, the layered palazzos come in single and double layers. Matching these pants with the right combination gives you a confident and sophisticated look. This is a classy piece you should grab and add to your wardrobe, and you won’t regret you did.

Layered Palazzo Pants-types of palazzo pants-gechysblog.com
Layered Palazzo Pants

12. Ruffled Palazzos

Are you the type that loves adding some drama to your look? Then you should consider getting the ruffled palazzo trousers. Its design is irresistible and has a way of stealing the show on any occasion.

Ruffled Palazzo Pants-types of palazzo pants-gechysblog.com
Ruffled Palazzo Pants

13. Culottes Palazzo Pants

A culottes palazzo pant is characterized by its flare design with a shorter length. It introduces a trendsetting modern look providing you with comfort and elegance.

Let’s not forget that as Nigerians, we can create our own custom-made palazzo pants with our Ankara materials and other local fabrics.

Culottes Palazzo Pants
Culottes Palazzo Pants

Where Can You Find Palazzo Pants?

Palazzo trousers are current popular trends and so, you won’t have to sweat or get sunburned while trying to look for them.

You can find and buy these wide-leg trousers on e-commerce sites like konga.com, in clothing stores and boutiques, especially those that focus on palazzo wears. You can also easily find them in open-markets like Balogun, Eko, Oshodi markets, among others.

Did you know that there are other wide-leg trousers which could be mistaken for palazzo pants?

They include bellbottoms, gaucho trousers, and harem pants. Although they seem to be very similar to palazzos, they are not evenly flared from the waist to the ankle.

Palazzos are stylish multipurpose outfits that are quite affordable. You should include them as one of your wardrobe essentials today.

So which of these wide-leg trousers do you prefer and why? I’d love to hear from you at the comment section below!

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