The 9 Best Shoes to Wear with Palazzo Pants

Best Shoes to Wear with Palazzo Pants- Gechy's Blog

Do you know that picking the right shoes to wear with palazzo pants (just like other accessories) adds a finishing touch?

As expected, you want to focus more on your palazzos, but your shoes are as important as the rest of your outfits.

Pairing the right shoes with palazzo pants can be quite challenging as you might want to ensure that your choice of shoes doesn’t hide under these larger-than-life pants. You might also want to pick a shoe that makes you comfortable while looking stylish.

Palazzo pants are chic and comfortable outfits that are wide from the waist down to the ankle. These wide-legged trousers hide a multitude of sins and are just perfect alternatives to skirt.

A good thing is that anyone can wear these larger-than-life pants. However, only a few can style them with the right shoes.  

Now, let’s look at the various shoes that go perfectly with palazzo pants… 

Before you check out the best shoes to wear with palazzo pants below, there are two important things you should have in mind while choosing footwear for your palazzos.

• The length and type of palazzo pants that you want to wear matter a lot as it affects the shoe to pair with it.

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• Another thing to consider is the occasion you’re styling a palazzo pant for. The choice of footwear depends on the event/function you are attending- formal wear, casual, corporate or wedding functions.

With these two things in mind, let’s now look at the best shoes to wear with palazzo pants.

9 Best Shoes to Wear with Palazzo Pants

1. Sneakers

Who told you that you can’t rock your palazzo pant with sneakers?

It gives a sporty and casual vibe and provides you with a lot of comforts.

Get eyes fixed on you in your sneakers and wide-legged trouser outfits!

For the down-to-earth beautiful ladies, it’s better to combine cropped or culotte palazzo pants with sneakers so you won’t look like your height has been swallowed by mother earth. lol

2. Flat shoes to wear with palazzo pants

Slaying a palazzo pant outfit on heels gives a classy look. However, you can still look great with flat shoes.

I’ll say that a palazzo pant and a flat shoe combination tend to favor taller ladies than shorter ones. But if you do not care about the height, then you can wear a lovely ballet flat shoe to complement your palazzo pant and a button-down shirt.

These combinations are ideal for corporate functions and work. But you have to pair them up with palazzo pants that are less flared.

3. Flat sandals

For an extremely casual look, pair your palazzo pants with nice flat sandals. This combination is suitable for taking a long walk, evening hangouts, beach outings, and other informal events.

Try these comfortable sandals with your wide-legged trouser.

Soft Sole Flat Sandals with palazzo pants- gechys blog

Fashion Fair

Soft Sole Flat Sandals



4. Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals (high-heeled) have ways of drawing attention to your legs as they are very footwear. These sandals are best combined with short-length or cropped palazzo pants to make a great fashion statement.

To reduce the drama at your feet, you can wear your wide-legged trouser with gladiator flat sandals.

Gladiator Heel Sandals with palazzo pants- gechy's blog

Liliana Butterfly

Gladiator Heel Sandals

₦17,900 ₦22,000


5. Wedges/Block heels

You will agree with me that there are ladies who do not fancy stilettos as they either find it difficult walking in them, or it hurts their feet. Wedges, block or chunky heels can be a great alternative as it provides comfort with its thick platform.

Pairing a wedge or block heels with a lightweight palazzo pant adds some inches to your height while complementing your looks. 

6. Stilettos

You can never go wrong in styling your palazzo pant outfit with stilettos. It gives you a sophisticated look and can be worn to any occasion- office, corporate and informal events, as well as weddings.

For an office smart look, nude color stilettos will do the trick. But if you want to dress funky, then you can opt out for bright-colored stilettos.

Studded Heel Sandals with palazzo pants- gechys blog


Studded Heeled Sandals

₦7,000 ₦12,500

Stiletto Court Heels with- gechys blog

Stiletto Court Heels

₦9,000 ₦10,000


7. High heel sandals

If you want to appear longer than your normal height with something more comfortable than stilettos, then high-heeled shoes are beautiful alternatives. High-heel sandals are usually lower than stilettos, even though they are similar.

Ladies Heeled Sandals with palazzo pants- gechy's blog


Ladies Heeled Sandals

₦7,000 ₦9,000


8. Peep Toe Shoes

These shoes are characterized by an opening at the toe area. These are one of the shoe types that can make a woman’s curve more visible while adding to her height.

9. Mules shoes to wear with palazzo pants

You can also slay comfortably with a wide-legged trouser, a statement top, and mules heels. Mules flats are great options to the heels but will complement your look better if worn with short-length palazzo pants.  

Suedette Studded Mules with palazzo pants- gechy's blog

New Look

Suedette Studded Mules

₦7,999 ₦9,500


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Just like i earlier mentioned you need to take the purpose and time of events, as well as length, fabric, and type of palazzo pants into consideration when choosing shoes to wear with palazzo pants.

Do you know other shoes to wear with palazzo pants? I’ll love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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