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About Judith Ogechi Onwuka

Hello! I’m Judith Ogechi Onwuka and you’re welcome to my blog!

I hail from Abia State but I’m born and raised in Lagos State. Born into a family of four, I have always had a great passion for the media, even though I eventually studied Biochemistry at Abia State University (long story lol!).

I have worked for a Marketing Communication Company as a Client Service Executive and currently working for a Production firm as a Content Writer.

I love researching, surfing the internet, reading, dancing, hanging out, and travelling. And yes! I love Instagram lol.

About Gechy’s Blog, it’s a platform I use in reaching out to Nigerian Millenials, especially those living in Lagos.

Are you an adult (single) trying to get your life together?

Do you seek some inspiration and motivation from other Millennials (professionals/experts) who have figured it out in their chosen path?

What about getting tips and guides on relationship and lifestyle issues?

Then look no further…

Gechy’s Blog is a Relationship and Lifestyle Blog for the Millennials with the aim to educate, enlighten and motivate you to believe in yourselves, get better, and attain greater heights.

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To get in touch with me, send a mail to Admin@gechysblog.com or gechysblog@gmail.com


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