A December to Remember! Welcome to my New Blog

A December to Remember

Hello friend! This indeed is a December to remember because sometime last year I opened a blog using blogger. The “dangers of skipping breakfast” was my first blog post.

The Journey so far…

Although I wasn’t so sure of how far I wanted to go with my blog, I just enjoyed sharing tips from research, as well as certain situations.

There were times when I lost confidence and belief in myself and abilities. I got the courage to forge ahead through the encouragements and compliments which my family and friends gave me.

With every passing day, my love for writing increased and I decided to take it seriously.

After working for an online magazine company/production firm for a period of time, I decided to fly solo. I am currently a freelance content writer/developer.

Just like last year December when I opened a free domain site with Blogger, I decided to get a custom domain site using WordPress this month.

My new domain URL is https://gechysblog.com and no longer https://gechymoments.blogspot.com

A December to remember- Next Step

It was a big decision for me taking this blog to another level.

This means that I have to put in extra efforts, hard work, creativity, consistency, and persistence in achieving success.

Gechy’s Blog wouldn’t have gotten to this point without your contributions and it will still need them to survive and grow.

Gechy at work. A december to remember

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Before I forget, Compliment of the Season dear friend and I hope this month is also a December to Remember for you.

So I am using this new post to Launch my new blog…

Stay tuned for my next post and expect quality contents from Gechy’s Blog.

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