5 Tips to Style Palazzo Pants like A Fashionista

Tips to style palazzo pants

Do you know how to creatively style palazzo pants? Palazzo pants might probably not be new to you anymore as you see women wearing them daily at workplaces, parties, hangout areas, on the streets, and even at weddings.

Who wouldn’t go for stylish trousers that won’t make them sweat, itch or feel less sexy? Palazzo pant is simply a perfect alternative to leggings, tight jeans, and denim trousers.

Palazzos are another wide-legged trousers with a difference as they are loose and spacious from the waist to down to the ankle.

Signature features of palazzo pants

When the name palazzo pant is mentioned, what comes to your mind?

We might probably be thinking alike right now you know…

There are certain characteristics that clearly differentiate these pants from others and they are key reasons you should opt for palazzos.

*Wide and loose pants
*Breezy and comfortable
*Suitable for any body shape and size
*Dry and rainy seasons-friendly pants.

Now, you know what’s peculiar about these pants, let’s look at certain tips you can learn to help you style palazzo pants in the right ways.

5 tips to style palazzo pants like a fashionista

Palazzos pants are what many women will want to go for because they are comfortable and roomy.

Most women, especially the petite or plus-size ones, worry that palazzos might make them shorter or fatter than they are.

The good thing is that these wide-legged trousers are here to accommodate every woman (tall and short; fat and slim). You simply need to know the right ways to wear them.

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How can you style palazzo pants for your size and figure?

Palazzos for Curvy women

Palazzos for curvy women
Curvy woman elegantly dressed in beautiful palazzo pant outfit

If you are curvy, then you have to focus on your choice of tops while styling palazzo pants. Go for well-fitting tops and avoid those that have excessive layers.

Styling palazzos with tops in the appropriate way will complement your curves rather than giving a shapeless look.

Palazzo pants for plus-size women

Plus-sized woman in palazzo pant
Plus-sized woman in palazzo pant

Plus-size women can also wear these wide-legged trousers with elegance and confidence. With the right cut and fit, palazzos can make you appear slimmer. Try out dark-colored pants as dark color shades create slimmer looks.  

Styling wide-legged trousers for slim and tall women

Wide-legged trouser for slim and tall women
Slim and tall lady rocking white palazzo pant

Slim and tall women can always play with medium to wide-legged palazzos as it looks perfect on them.

Palazzos for petite and short women

Palazzo pants for petite and short girls
Petite lady in a palazzo pant outfit

“Palazzo pants only look great on tall women…”

“The wide bottom pants will only make me appear shorter than I am…”

“It will make me look smaller”…


Well, these are only myths because short or petite women can still rock palazzos perfectly. It’s no doubt that palazzo trousers favor taller women than the shorter ones but there are ways to wear them and still look good, irrespective of the size or height.

You can actually look taller if you style your palazzos stylishly and aesthetically.

For short women, get lightweight palazzo pant fabrics that have a narrow flare. Plain palazzos are also great for girls that are small or short as it makes the legs appear longer and slimmer.

You can style palazzo pants with crop or tank tops to have an amazing look. For a formal or corporate look, pairing palazzos with blouses will be nice.

Cropped/culottes, ankle length, vertical stripes or high-waist palazzos enhance the short women looks.  

You should choose narrow sandals (heels) or pumps rather than chunky shoes so that you don’t shrink down further.

Best shoes to wear with palazzo pants

The large silhouette of palazzo pants can be narrowed down with peep-toe heels, ankle-strap heels, and pumps.

You can also try other alternatives like the wedges, chunky heels or any other shoes with thick platforms.

For those who would rather prefer comfort than style, sneakers and oxfords are nice options.

Sneakers with palazzo pant
Lady wearing sneakers with palazzo pants

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For a laid-back and casual outing, pair palazzo pants with flat sandals.

You can wear palazzo pants to multiple occasions and in various styles- that is how versatile palazzos are.

How you look will depend on how you style palazzo pants and the accessories you pair them with.

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